Northeastern PA Health Care Quality Unit

Serving Bradford, Sullivan, Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Luzerne, Wyoming, Tioga and Wayne Counties


The Advocacy Alliance facilitates the Northeastern PA Health Care Quality Unit (HCQU), the responsible entity to the County Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Programs for monitoring the overall health status of persons who have developmental disabilities receiving services. The Northeastern PA HCQU works to support and improve the developmental disabilities systems by building capacity and competency to meet the physical and behavioral health care needs of persons who have developmental disabilities.

The primary activities of the HCQU include: assessing the person’s health and systems of care; providing clinical health care expertise to residential and day program providers; providing health related training; and integrating community health care resources with state and regional quality improvement structures and processes. The primary goal of the HCQU is to assure that the persons served by developmental disabilities programs are as healthy as they can be, so that each person can fully participate in community life.



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